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Summermusic’s full-day campers experience a wide range of activities.  They stretch their minds and imaginations – and their muscles! – as they develop their skills and understanding of music.  In addition to their instrumental sessions, all full-day campers participate in musical arts, massed choir, and recreation. It’s a fast-paced day of fun, friends, and music!


Junior Musicians are aged 9 (entering school grade 4) and up.  No previous musical experience is required.  Junior Musicians begin each day with Kevin and Wendy, learning songs and developing their music literacy and listening skills. These children will learn the basics of playing an instrument of their choice in a group setting.  We provide the instruments!  Participants are to select one instrument from this list: violin, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, alto sax, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, French horn or euphonium.

Please note: If you child has been playing the same instrument in this program for the last 2 years, please choose a different instrument if registering for a third year.

Junior Program Faculty: Kevin Myers, Wendy Sur, Susan Butler Morris, Marion Arthur, Natasha MacDonald, April Morris, Liz Hart and Peter Crouch.

CAMP HOURS :  9:15 to 3:15                       JUNIOR FEES: $395 before June 1                  $445 after June 1


Intermediate Musicians are past the beginner stage on their instrument but below Grade 4 RCM level.  Minimum age is 9 (entering school grade 4).  Any orchestral instrumentalist is welcome: strings, woodwind and brass.  They play in Intermediate Orchestra with Susan and begin each day in an ensemble with their instrument family.  Note: Intermediate Musicians have a choice of singing in Chamber Choir with Kevin or exploring Instrumental Improv with Marion (see below for session descriptions).


Senior Musicians are students of orchestra or band instruments, aged 11 to 18, who play at Grade 4 to 9 RCM level.  They play in Senior Orchestra with Natasha and begin each day in an ensemble with their instrument family.  Note: Senior Musicians have a choice of singing in Chamber Choir with Kevin or exploring Instrumental Improv with Marion (see below for session descriptions).

Intermediate and Senior Program Faculty: Susan Butler Morris, Natasha MacDonald, April Morris, Kevin Myers, Marion Arthur, Peter Crouch and Liz Hart.

CAMP HOURS:  9:15 to 3:15          INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR FEES:  $355 before June 1          $405 after June 1



These mini-courses are offered either in the morning or afternoon, depending on the age-group. The children will experience the joy of music through singing, rhythm games, and movement. We offer one session for each age group. The 5 and 6 year-olds have a one hour course. The 7 and 8 year-olds have a ninety minute course, which includes instrumental instruction on recorder, violin or cello. Course fee includes recorder purchase or rental cost for violin or cello. Please select your choice of instrument on the registration form.

Faculty: Music for the Young instructor Marion Arthur with assistant Liz Hart and instrumental faculty.


5 and 6 year-olds (born 2015 or 2014):                   9:15 to 10:15                Fees:  $180 before June 1             $195 after June 1

7 and 8 year-olds (born 2013 or 2012):                   1:45 to 3:15                  Fees:  $220 before June 1             $235 after June 1


We are excited to offer a new program for ages 3 to 5, which was developed by early-childhood music specialist Sandra Allen. Sandra formulated this course as a result of her 40 years as a music educator and 30 years as an Orff specialist as well as incorporating her experience in her studies for her master’s degree in music education at the University of Western Ontario. The program has been enthusiastically enjoyed by young children and their parents in Pembroke, and we are very pleased that Sandra is bringing it to Summermusic. In this session, children, along with their caregivers will explore singing, rhythim activities, circle time and movement to music. They will share small percussion instruments and play fun music games together. And each child will have their own workbook to take home. Parents and caregivers will see their children experience the joy of music and will pick up some ideas on how to continue exploring music at home.

Faculty: Sandra Allen.         Please note – children in this session must to accompanied by a parent or caregiver.


3 to 5 year-olds (born 2017 to 2015):                   10:30 to 11:05                Fees:  $150 before June 1             $165 after June 1

**Enrolment is limited for all Music for the Young programs, so register your child soon**

What do we do at Summermusic? Read below to find out. 

Chamber Choir – for Intermediate and Senior Musicians (*choose Chamber Choir or Improv)
Do you love to sing? Would you like to be part of a small choir that sings interesting and challenging music? Intermediate and Senior Musicians who choose to sing in Kevin’s Chamber Choir will explore exciting and meaningful music that engages their minds and hearts. (*make your choice by June 19th)

Instrumental Improv – for Intermediate and Senior Musicians (*choose Chamber Choir or Improv)
Are you curious to try something new with your instrument?  Improvisation gives you the freedom to let your musical imagination roam and expand your creativity.  Intermediate and Senior Musicians who choose to participate in Marion’s Improv sessions will use their skills to develop their own music. (*make your choice by June 19th)

Beginner Instruments – for Junior Musicians
Our Junior Musicians receive daily beginner instruction on an instrument they select when they register, and we provide the instruments!  Cello beginners learn from Marion, violin beginners are taught by Natasha, flute class is with Liz, Peter teaches our beginner brass players, and Susan takes care of all the reed instrument beginners.  Juniors get lots of opportunity to become familiar with their beginner instruments, as they will use them more than once each day. In addition to the daily session with their instrument group, Summermusic’s beginners will combine into a band and a string ensemble, and they will also use their instruments to play music games in their Beginner Activities session every day with Natasha.

FUNdamentalsfor Junior Musicians
Do you love the energy that rhythm, beat, and pulse create inside you, that feeling that keeps your toes tapping? Junior Musicians explore body percussion and spoken-rhythm activities in April’s FUNdamentals sessions – by rote, by reading, and by composing their own pieces!

Junior Choir – for Junior Musicians
This is where our Junior campers begin each day. Kevin and Wendy lead the children in singing, musical arts, developing music-reading skills, and expanding general musical knowledge in a fun and friendly environment.  You don’t need to know anything about music before you come, but those who do have previous musical experience will learn lots more!

Orchestra – for Intermediate and Senior Musicians
Orchestra is where strings, woodwinds, and brass students play together. For many students, this may be their only opportunity all year to play in an ensemble with other instrument families, and it is great fun! Both orchestras learn a variety of different pieces of music, carefully selected by conductors Susan and Natasha to suit the abilities and instrumentation of each ensemble. Intermediate Orchestra is for developing musicians who have been playing their instrument for at least one year, up to grade 4 RCM level. Senior Orchestra is for more experienced musicians: string players are expected to be comfortable with shifting and a variety of bow strokes, and woodwind and brass players should have an extensive range on their instruments with a good understanding of articulations and intonation. Sometimes we combine the two orchestras to make one big group.

Winds and Brass Ensemble and Technique – for Intermediate and Senior woodwind and brass players
This is where our Intermediate and Senior woodwind and brass players begin each day.  Under Susan’s expert guidance and with the assistance of Peter, the musicians will expand their understanding of technical issues such as breathing, use of air and tongue, facility, intonation, and blend. They will apply these skills in challenging and inspiring music for wind ensemble.

String Ensemble and Technique – for Intermediate and Senior string players
This is where our Intermediate and Senior violins, violas, and cellos begin each day. These musicians will work with Natasha and April to build on their knowledge of technical issues such as use of the bow, shifting, tone, and tuning. They will apply these skills by playing challenging and inspiring music for string ensemble.

Musical Artsfor everyone!
Why do some pieces of music make us feel happy and others make us feel sad?  What is a symphony or a fugue or an opera?  How can music conjure up pictures in your mind? In Musical Arts we listen to all kinds of music and share the thoughts and feelings they create within us.

Recreation – for everyone!
Every afternoon, our full-day campers have an outdoor period to play organized games with their age group.  We divide the campers into three groups according to age, so this is a time when they get to spend time with their friends who are in other programs.  Each group is coordinated by a staff member, and the campers are welcome to offer suggestions as to what game is played each day.  Perennial favourites are Capture the Flag, Kick-Ball, Grounders, Kick-the-Can, Ultimate, and Soccer.   We cool down with a refreshing drink before heading back indoors for more music.  One afternoon each year we have a special outing to Lamure Beach for an extended Recreation session.

Massed Choir – for everyone!
At Summermusic, each day ends with all full-day campers singing together under Kevin’s leadership.  It is a wonderful and powerful experience to be one voice within a choir of more than sixty, singing music with parts for different voices.  Truly a great way to finish a fantastic day at music camp!